The importance of the Desert Wetlands on a global scale cannot be overstated. It is not well known however even among people who live in the regions bordering it. 

This film is an attempt to show the natural wonder of an environment that is globally almost gone. Australian rivers generally are among the most endangered ecosystems on earth. We still have a chance to protect the desert rivers and hopefully we will. But there is little time left.

Only in Africa's Botswana Delta do desert rivers run so free of dams, weirs and other human intrusion. Rainfall here is the most unpredictable on Earth and rivers take months to deliver monsoonal rain falling a 1000 kilometres away.

Desert Wetlands - Pulse of the Outback is a celebration of one of Earth's most remarkable landscapes. A place where climate holds sway over everything. This is a landscape that defies our senses and defies our preconceptions of how nature behaves. But it can easily disappear as it dies from a thousand cuts. From water extraction for agriculture and shale oil / gas fracking to the effects of climate change. Belying it's tough exterior, it is as susceptible as any other landscapes to human thoughtlessness for all things natural. 
Wilderness is disappearing throughout the world as the human population outgrows its capacity to protect its lifeline - Planet Earth. We have the capacity to protect the world's remaining wilderness but do we have the will? Do we have the foresight to ensure the future contains nature or will we destroy our only home?

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